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Condometric – the condom

that measures the size of your penis

Madrid-based on-line store Curiosite has come up with a product that will surely be one of the novelty hits of the next year or so. The Condometric is a condom with a measuring ruler printed on the side that will accurately determine the size of the wearer’s penis. Currently in manufacturing, the condom will be available in four flavours (lime, cherry, banana and prophylactic rubber), both metric and imperial measurements (centimetres and inches), and in packs of 3, 6 and 12 (the party pack?).

According to Curiosite, the Condometric prophylactic will be made of best quality natural rubber latex. They are fine, thin, smooth, ergonomic, with non-parallel sides, transparent, lubricated, with reservoir tip and nominal width of 54 mm (2.12 inches). The product will be sold via the internet, so spontaneity is kinda out the window.

Indeed, that’s all the information available right now, apart from the FAQs which tell us that it’s a single-use product and that the ink doesn’t rub off (though we guess it might be fun trying).

Sadly, the Condometric only measures to a penis length of 25 cm so we were unable to perform any product testing with any of Gizmag’s regular writers.

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