A thief in Bali has allegedly raped a young Australian woman at knife point in the bedroom of a villa she was renting with her family.

The attack took place about 4am on Saturday in Villa Damais in Kerobokan as the woman’s relatives slept in neighbouring rooms.

The knife was allegedly held to the woman’s throat. A security guard was supposed to be on duty but had left his post, police said.


It is understood the family has already returned to Australia after making a police report.

North Kuta police chief Reinhard Habonaran Nainggolan confirmed the woman was assaulted in the bedroom after being threatened with a knife during the break-in and robbery.

They believe that the thief was not alone, but police are not sure how many people were involved.

The men stole three iPhones, two other mobile phones and 1.5 million rupiah (about $155) in cash from the eight people staying in the four bedroom villa.

Police said the men had jumped a wall to access the property, then entered the villa through an unlocked door.

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The woman, 28, from Perth, was assessed in Bali’s Sanglah hospital after the attack, where a doctor said she was in shock. He confirmed a sexual assault had taken place.

She provided police with a sketch of her attacker, which will be released the the public soon, police said.

A spate of crimes has hit Bali in recent months, often blamed on poor Javanese construction workers brought to fuel the island’s construction boom.

Long time residents say the crimes, including robberies and sometimes violent home invasions, have disproportionately hit tourists and expatriates staying in villas.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs said the consulate in Bali had not been informed of the attack.

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