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Dolphin rapes girl in this amazing video

Horny Dolphin rapes girl, or rather tries to rape her. The crazy dolphin jumps out of water and starts humping an unsuspecting girl. A funny video, the girl laugh the whole time. Watch at the end how the dolphin starts yelling as it appears to think it was funny too.

What are dolphins really thinking? It’s very surprising how smart they really are and how they can get away with just about anything. If a man tried to do that, he’d go to jail for rape.

Dolphins raping humans: myth ?

(….) Despite the media frenzy around the idea of dolphin rape, it’s primates, birds and insects that are the forced copulation aficionados, not dolphins. What follows is a brief rundown of all of the aggressive sexual behaviors that scientists have observed in dolphins that often find their way into popular reports discussing dolphin rape:

Sexual Coercion: Sexual Coercion is a term describing a suite of behaviors observed most frequently in the bottlenose dolphins of Shark Bay Australia and Sarasota Bay Florida. Individuals or groups of males use a variety of coercive tactics to increase their chances of mating with females. In Shark Bay, groups of male dolphins are often seen in the company of an individual female for extended periods of time (referred to as a consortship). Sometimes these males begin the consortship by herding (i.e., chasing and corralling) the female, although other times the female appears to enter the consortship willingly. These males sometimes use aggressive behavior to keep the female close to them and to fend off rival males, and it’s during these consortships that mating takes place.

In Sarasota, males also follow females around when it’s time to mate (a form of mate guarding), but rarely engage in aggressive behavior directed at the female like in Shark Bay. Dolphins might use other tactics to persuade a female to mate with them, including committing infanticide (i.e., killing calves) so that the females will come into estrus and be more receptive.

But here’s the thing: even in the clearly aggressive coercion scenarios witnessed in Shark Bay, researchers have never witnessed forced copulation. The kind of coercion being described here isindirect in that these tactics ultimately result in males persuading females to mate with them, but not directly forcing themselves on the females. The scientific experts studying the Shark Bay dolphins had this to say about forced copulation in a recent book :
“We have no evidence of direct sexual coercion in dolphins, including forced copulation or other behaviors directly associated with male attempts to mate.”(….) read more about this subject


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