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Teacher caught naked in bed with student

A female dance teacher has been jailed for 26 years after she was caught naked in bed with a female student.

Lauren Debenedetta, 41, of the US, was found guilty on four counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a minor – her 15-year-old student, The Sun reported.

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Samantha X reveals confronting sex request she received from client’s wife

His name was Paul. An accountant by trade, a husband and dad, and this particular afternoon in Sydney, he was my client. There was nothing out of the ordinary or remarkable about Paul — except his words when he handed over his fee.

“This is from my wife,” he said, handing me a neat white envelope.


“She told me she doesn’t want to have sex with me again, but she understands I need intimacy, so she gives me money every week …,” he admitted, embarrassed.

I heard correctly. Paul’s wife pays for him to seek intimacy with other women. The more Paul opened up, it was clear to me his confidence had taken a huge hit, his self-esteem was low. He didn’t feel loved and he didn’t feel like a man. The woman he adored no longer desired him leaving him in a situation he felt he had to reluctantly accept.

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Men Are Being Warned Not to Eat Lichen Touted as ‘Natural Viagra’

Please don’t eat the “sexy pavement lichen.”

There isn’t much that’s sexy about lichen, the slow-growing fuzz found on rocks, walls and tree bark. But apparently not everyone agrees. Experts in New Zealand are warning men not to consume a type of lichen that’s being touted as a “natural Viagra” and alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), according to news reports.

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Uni students earning cash stash with sex

If you’re getting ready to study this year and searching for a part-time job to supplement your schooling, you’re not alone.

And if you’re getting ready to study and considering taking up sex work to supplement your schooling, you’re definitely also not alone – but your career sideline might be a bit more scandalous than most.

Controversy erupted at Brighton University last year when the Sussex branch of the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project had a stall at the university’s annual fair day, held to welcome undergraduate students.

In a tweet promoting their attendance at the fair, SWOP Sussex said, “If you’re topping up your fees with sex work, or struggling to balance work and studies, or want to talk and don’t know where to go … we’re here for you.”

While many were quick to criticise the university for allowing SWOP to hold their stall, arguing that it “normalised” and promoted sex work, SWOP argued that it was doing no such thing.

Instead, the organisation said, it was simply providing an avenue of outreach for those of-age students already considering – or doing – sex work and seeking advice.

“We understand why students may turn to sex work,” SWOP tweeted. “And navigating the legal precariousness as well as potential danger mean that students are extra vulnerable and we will help.”

As a sex worker myself I think the stall is a fabulous idea, and I wish that I’d had easy access to advice about sexual health, the law, and my finances when I first entered the industry. Everything I know about sex work I’ve learnt from other workers, whispered quickly between client introductions or shouted over the din of a busy dressing room.

I treasure every one of the more experienced workers who bothered to pull me aside as a sex-working newbie and school me on the finer points of the industry. Had I known that a service like SWOP was available to me when I first started out I would’ve been queuing up at that stall faster than you can say, “What’s a dental dam?”.

My own experiences in the adult industry have been great, but sex work is still a career choice that many take exception to, particularly when it’s chosen by people who have an explicit financial need.

While we’re somewhat comfortable with accepting that sex work is a fine avenue of exploration for those who’ve done their time in the corporate sector and are seeking a few more thrills in their days, knowing that young people are turning to the industry to fund their educations and pay for their most basic needs of food and housing can be enough to put a frown on the face of even the most sex-positive people.

No matter what your opinion is on sex work, it’s hard to deny that things are looking pretty dire for uni students in Australia.

The most recent Universities Australia Student Finances Survey revealed that of the students surveyed, one in seven regularly went without food or other necessities because they couldn’t afford it, and three in five described their finances as a “source of worry”. Half of the students said their jobs adversely affected their performance at uni, and one in three said they regularly missed classes because they had to work.

The median annual income for an Australian student studying full-time is less than $20,000, well below the poverty line and even below the minimum cost of living for international students as outlined by the Department of Home Affairs.

The stereotype of student living might be one of latte-sipping youngsters swapping lecture notes over their daily avo smash, but the reality isn’t quite so carefree. The most recent census revealed more than ten thousand uni and TAFE students were homeless.

With this in mind, it’s not difficult to see why sex work might seem appealing to some students who are old enough to enter the industry. Whether or not the reality of the work matches up with the expectation is another question, of course – working the ten-hour overnight shift in a pair of stilettos and a push-up bra is hardly an easy job.

But for someone desperate for money, it’s not difficult to see why they would turn to an industry that promises huge financial incentives in exchange for a relatively small investment of time.

I wouldn’t encourage anyone – student or otherwise – towards sex work, but I also wouldn’t warn them away from it. Anyone considering sex work should be free to make their own informed, fully-consenting decision about whether to cross the brothel threshold.

But why do we continue to look down on those students who do choose the adult industry? Even in parts of Australia where sex work is perfectly legal, sex-working students are painted as victims of circumstance, silly young people who don’t understand the future consequences of their career choices and are “only doing it because they have to”.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news about capitalism, but it’s a sad reality of life that we all take jobs because we need the money.

Whether you’re going to work on Monday in an office, on a building site, or in a brothel, chances are that the thing that’s motivating you out of bed isn’t love for your boss, your colleagues, or your industry: it’s money.

I’m sure there are a lot of sex workers who do what they do purely out of love for their job, but there are just as many whose presence in the industry is dictated by financial need. That’s totally fine – in fact, as far as jobs go, it’s pretty normal.

Over the following months I’m sure that there will be many Australian students starting uni and considering sex work as the job that will help them pay for it.

I hope they can all approach the industry fully informed and educated about their rights at work, their relationship with the law, and the financial services available to them if they should need them.

This is information every young person needs to know – not just sex workers – and we should all be able to access it.


Henry Sapiecha

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Internet Porn making teenage boys ‘impotent’

Teenage boys as young as 16 are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to excessively viewing violent and hardcore pornography, an expert has revealed.

And the ready access to porn on every device at any time of the day is teaching dangerous lessons about what healthy sexual relationships should be like.

Psychologist and writer Collett Smith has written the new book They’ll Be Okay, outlining the conversations parents should have with their children.

One of the trickiest topics to tackle is undoubtedly porn, which Ms Smart said is one of this new generation’s biggest issues to navigate.

“Porn affects how they see relationships, sex and intimacy before most of them have even had their first kiss or held someone’s hand,” Ms Smart said.

Pornography is not new, but its availability has gone from hidden magazines and the odd VHS tape to quick, free and always on. And the content itself has changed, she said.

“The problem is how much violence is depicted in porn. I’ve just read a new research paper about how much more violence is in teenage genre porn – videos that use actors playing teens. It’s much more than in adult porn.

“Teens are learning that it’s sexy to be violent. It’s a massive issue for this generation.”

The excessive consumption of increasingly graphic and violent pornography has experts concerned.

Ms Smart described the acts depicted in most pornography as “selfish sex”, which warps the views of young viewers.

“There’s no tenderness, there’s rarely ever kissing or affection, there’s no kindness or asking, or care about the other person. It’s about getting what you want and getting out.”

Researchers and experts have documented increasing rates of children watching porn, including at a primary school age.

Teenage boys are experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to excessive porn consumption.

The individual pleasure element, as well as the more violent nature of it, is blamed for a rising trend too, she said.

More boys and girls report engaging in anal sex in heterosexual scenarios, with both viewing it as just “what happens” and quite normal.

“They expect it to be painful but that’s just the accepted thing – it’s like, too bad, that’s just what we should do,” Ms Smart said.

Anecdotally, doctors are seeing an increase in the number of teenage girls with “anal tears”, she said.

“It’s really shocking,” Ms Smart said. “There’s no gentleness or kindness in it.”

Porn isn’t new — but its free, instant and constant availability is and could be teaching dangerous lessons about sexual relationships.

Excessive consumption of porn is also leading to documented increases in the number of boys in the final few years of high school who are psychologically impotent.

Ms Smart said it’s a complex issue and an emerging field of study, but school counsellors she works with said they are seeing it “more and more”.

Collett Smart is a psychologist and author.

“Spending so much time masturbating to porn can lead to more and more graphic or hardcore content required to get the same level of arousal they once did,” Ms Smart said.

“More and more boys in year 11 or 12 are coming forward with (symptoms of) erectile dysfunction problems. Some of these boys have never had a girlfriend so when they do try to be intimate, they’re not aroused. This is a real issue.”

Collett Smart has written the new book They’ll Be Okay.

The good news is that research shows young people are open to talking to mums and dads about these topics and would prefer to discuss it with them than a peer, she said.

“For pre-teens and teens, if you’ve never had the conversation before, start now. It’s going to be completely awkward and both will squirm in the chair. It will feel like the worst conversation you’ve ever had. But that’s OK. Don’t give up.

“You don’t have to charge into the conversation about porn to begin with. Talk about love and romance and breakups. Refer to movies or shows they’re watching and ask them about it.

“Use their mode of communication to edge into dealing with some of the trickier topics like sex and porn.”

Collett Smart’s new book They’ll Be OK is on sale now


Henry Sapiecha


Unpaid female escort steals $25K, destroys car Australia

AN ESCORT has been jailed after stealing three cars and $25,000 worth of goods from a client who failed to pay her.

Shari Emily Renee Williams, 27, faced Murgon Magistrates Court on three counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, one count of stealing, one count of possessing dangerous drugs, and one count of driving without a licence as a repeat offender.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said on September 7, the client picked up Williams from Murgon and took her to an address north of Blackbutt.Queensland Australia

“The victim and the defendant went into a shed on the property for some time,” Sgt Stevens said.

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The sex industry has yet again another big problem

It was an easy going Saturday night around the dinner table when, over a glass of wine, one of my friends said that she was checking out some new places to work.

She wasn’t looking on your average job website, however.

She’s a sex worker, so she had been scrolling through the web pages of different brothels in Sydney, comparing their locations, premises and rates to choose which ones sounded the most promising.

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Latest Study At Last Reveals What Men And Women Look For In Sexual Partners

It’s no longer just your looks that will get you loved up.

A new Queensland University Of Technology study has revealed that your personality has a lot to do with how much sex you will have.

If you’re a male, that is.

Men with a greater range of personality traits, especially those deemed extraverted, emotionally stable, agreeable or conscientious, have sex more often and produce more children, according to the new QUT study.

Behavioural economists Dr Stephen Whyte, Dr Ho Fai Chan and Professor Benno Torgler looked  into personality, sex and offspring and what they found shows, well, what we’ve kinda known all along.

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It’s this: Women aren’t too fussy when it comes to looks, but after that it’s all down to a man’s… personality. Which means we’ve been admiring Ryan Gosling’s personality all this time, right?

And — woe is me — men, on the other hand, focus more on women’s looks.

For men who want to have more success in the sack, it’s there in black and white — if you have certain combinations of personality traits you’ll get more sex. Simple.  According to the study, these are high extraversion and high agreeableness, high extraversion and high conscientiousness, and high agreeableness with high conscientiousness.

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How this university student tricked her into having sex has exposed loopholes in rape laws

When Abigail Finney went to climb back into her boyfriend’s bed that’s when the horror of what had just happened hit her.

But even then she wasn’t at first sure — where was her boyfriend? And why was his mate now smiling back at her?

She raced back to her own university room where she found her boyfriend had been sleeping for hours and her worst fears were confirmed — she’d just unknowingly had sex with Grant, one of his mates.

Now the 20-year-old’s traumatic story has exposed legal loopholes across the United States where fraudulent sex does not add up as a rape.

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Urgent warning issued over popular and easily available male sexual aid pills Big Penis USA

AUTHORITIES have reservations about a popular sex tablet widely available on the internet that claims to assist men with impotence and premature ejaculation.

Big Penis USA is marketed as an all-natural and herbal supplement that’s safe to use, works in just 20 minutes and helps improve male sexual function.

But the Therapeutic Goods Administration has advised the tablets contain undeclared substances that pose a serious health risk.

After testing the product, the TGA discovered Big Penis USA tablets contain amounts of sildenafil, an active property in Viagra, and chloramphenicol, an antibiotic that was once used to treat plague.

“Consumers are advised that sildenafil and chloramphenicol are prescription-only substances in Australia,” the TGA said in a safety advisory.

“The supply of Big Penis USA tablets containing undisclosed sildenafil and chloramphenicol is illegal.”

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued an urgent warning about a product called Big Penis USA.

Sildenafil can dangerously interact with other prescription medications and can cause dangerously low blood pressure and it should only be taken under medical supervision.

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