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Carers encouraged autistic woman to ‘learn from her mistakes’ by having sex with strangers

A VULNERABLE woman with severe autism was allowed to have sex with strangers because her social workers believed the encounters would “help her learn from her mistakes”.

The 23-year-old, who has an IQ of 53, was being looked after by private care staff at a facility in Manchester, northwest England.

They allowed strangers to visit the woman inside the care home between 10am and 4pm each day during a “two-month trial period” and were told not to intervene if she had sex with them.

The visitors took her out to shisha bars and on numerous occasions had sex in public, including in a taxi and at the back of a bowling alley, according to court documents seen by the UK’s Telegraph.

Her horrified family accused care home authorities of “pimping her out” as part of an “experiment”.

Carers told a court the encounters would “help her learn from her mistakes”.

Alarm bells began to ring in August, when a number of males who she didn’t recognize were calling to her address in order to have sex with the vulnerable young woman.

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Thai ‘cave man’s’ X-rated exploits with female tourists

A THAI ‘cave man’ who brags about his seaside sexual conquests on social media has been investigated by police.

Chatupoom Losiri, 48, drew attention to his X-rated exploits after gloating about wooing a Russian tourist to his rustic lair — but shared a photo of a different woman lying naked on his bed.

He moved to the beach cave three years ago and began seducing attractive holiday-makers on the Full Moon Party island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. However, he admits that doesn’t always get his way.

In one Facebook post Chatupoom wrote about taking a girl back to his cave where he stripped off his clothes and “boiled the coffee for both of us”.

“I said, ‘I like you and I know you like me. I want to kiss you,’ and looked straight into her eyes. She smiled at me and replied, ‘No’ …

“Some time passed. I asked her again, ‘Can I kiss you?’ She said ‘No’. I laughed and said, ‘I will ride to take you back to where I picked you up.’”

This was the picture of a naked backpacker that self-proclaimed ‘cave man’ Chatupoom Losiri posted online. Picture: Viral Press

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A Study of 1,000 Couples Revealed How to Keep Your Sex Life Going Forever Strong

If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship (we’re talking 5, 10, 15 years or more) then we don’t need to tell you that the sparks that once flew might get a little dimmer as the years go by. It’s not that you don’t love and care for your partner, or even that you necessarily find them less attractive than before. It’s just that, for some reason, familiarity just seems to slow your sex life a bit. There’s nothing wrong with that. And in fact, researchers have been able to create a predictable model of what causes that slowdown — and perhaps more excitingly, what can put some rev back in both of your engines again.

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Houston officials temporarily prevent brothel with sex robots from opening

Building inspectors halt Canadian company looking to import robot brothel concept.

A robot brothel expected to open in Houston this month has been temporarily stymied by building inspectors, according to local media. The temporary halt comes after a spirited wave of opposition following a social media announcement by Canadian company KinkySDollS that the company was planning to import its robot brothel concept to Houston.

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Doctors find turtle inside woman’s vagina after pain episodes

A BRITISH woman was found to have a dead turtle inside her vagina.

The ex-pat was taken to hospital in Tenerife, Spain after experiencing severe abdominal pains.

Here doctors made the amazing discovery.

It is unclear how the turtle ended up inside the woman and she told doctors she has no recollection of it being put there.

She said she began experiencing pain two days after going out partying with British friends.

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The surprising male body types women prefer according to PornHub search survey

Women are an elusive and confusing breed. Loose and aggressive with their opinions on things a man couldn’t care less about, like shoes, but ask her what she wants for dinner and you’d have more luck asking a mule—and he’d probably be less stubborn. So, you would be excused for having no idea what women look for in a man. Bad boy? Hairy? Good boy? Beard? Clean shaven? So many chances to get it wrong. You know how it goes. Well, I have some fantastic news for you, and your wife or ladyfriend probably isn’t going to like it (you’re probably used to disappointing her by now). Thanks to Pornhub (is there anything they can’t do?), we finally know exactly what women really want their man’s body to look like.

You see them rippling on the covers of romance novels and grinning like assholes on magazines in the checkout line, but do women really prefer these toned and tanned Fabiosos or have you been slaving away, trying to turn that keg into a six-pack for nothing? First of all, according to PornHub, women emphatically prefer girl-on-girl porn and threesome’s. Let’s just get that out of the way. She’s definitely been lying to you about that. And I quote, “The most popular porn searched by women is ‘lesbian’ and has been so for a number of years now.”

Before I get to the good news, I’m about to crush more dreams than Star Search. Fucking Ed McMahon. The second most popular porn search for women was, of course, “big d*ck”. So, yeah, I guess women still like dudes with pythons in their pants. Now the good news…

Rocking that “dad bod” this summer, or just into roleplaying that whole “daddy” thing? Well, you’re in luck. Next to “hairy”, the most searched term in regards to men’s body types is “dad”. And, while this is good news for those of us who prefer meat and beer to veggies and bran, it opens up a whole new set of questions.

There you have it. Want to really please your gal? Grow out that beer belly and leave the clippers under the sink! And maybe tell her she’s a very bad girl and ground her? Be that fuzzy, comfortable daddy-bear she’s craving and one other porn preference frequently searched by women—threesomes—could be in your future. But probably not.


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Man ‘kept girl in cave as sex slave for 15 years’

An elderly Indonesian witch doctor has been arrested on accusations he kept a woman as his sex slave for 15 years, beginning when she was a 12-year-old girl.

An elderly village witch doctor in Indonesia entrapped a 12-year-old girl and tricked her into having sex with him for the next 15 years by claiming to be possessed by the “jin”, or spirit, of a young boy, police said on Tuesday.

The woman, an identified by police as “H”, was rescued on Sunday in Tolitoli regency, in Central Sulawesi province.

Acting on a tip-off, police said they had found the woman, who was now aged 28, in a rocky crevice in a jungle near Bajugan village, where she had been held during the day since her disappearance in 2003.

At night, police said she stayed in a hut near the house of the 83-year old man, identified by police as JG

The man identified as JG.
Indonesian Police

Child cave sex slave account by

Central Sulawesi Police Chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy & he said the man had shown the girl a picture of a boy named Amrin “who she thought was her boyfriend”.

“She was falsely led to believe that Amrin’s spirit had entered (the elderly man’s) body,” Iqbal said on Tuesday at a news conference that was posted online. “It is obvious that he was satisfying his lust.”

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country but old beliefs about spirits and other paranormal activity are still held by some.

Iqbal later told Reuters the woman said she had been engaging in intercourse with “Jin Amrin” since 2003 “but she was really having sex with JG”.

The man, he said, admitted to having sexual relations since 2008 with the girl.

Police said they found the woman after her sister alerted neighbours she was closeby.

According to the Jakarta Post, the sister was married to the son of the shaman, known for his traditional healing methods and abilities to channel spirits.

The man explained the victim’s disappearance to her parents by stating she had gone to Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, to get work, the newspaper reported.

The man has been charged with offences under Indonesia’s child protection laws, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.


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As a GP, I see far too many young females suffer through painful sex

Painful sex is rather common. In my work as a GP, I see a steady stream of moderately uneasy 22-year-olds, underwhelmed by their sex lives and ashamed of it.

I see one, and then there’s a spate of their friends. They think there is something wrong with their body. They say sex has always been painful, and for some of them it’s now agony, but they grit their teeth and make the noises they have picked up from movies.

Young women are presenting to GPs complaining of painful sex.

Photo: Stocksy

For some women it eventually becomes unbearable. Some of them don’t know what it feels like to be physically aroused, after three or four years of sexual activity. That is a shameful tragedy. To those 22-year-olds, I say the following.

It could be thrush, bladder irritability, pelvic muscle spasm, chlamydia, endometriosis. We will consider those options. But we must bear in mind that many young guys are watching porn sold to them by people who have a vested interest in dehumanising women. They’re not exactly learning from the Sensei of Superlovers.

Professor Gail Dines, anti-pornographer scholar and activist, puts it simply: “Men learn about sex from mainly porn, and in porn nothing is too painful or degrading for women.”

Pain while having sex is reported at something between six and 25 per cent of women, but research into the effect of increasing porn consumption on female sexual dysfunction is mostly anecdotal.

The anecdotes go like this: more and more women are reporting a first sexual experience that sounds like a guy copying something he’s seen in a hardcore porn flic.

And the vagina does not forget.

The thing with dyspareunia (penetrative sex that hurts) is that each painful experience entrenches subconscious fear and aversion, which leads to pain and dryness, which leads to fear and aversion, which leads to panic and frustration, which leads to pain and dryness, and the cycle continues.

Many women don’t tell their partner because they don’t want him to think he can’t turn them on. Some guys don’t know their partner is in pain; she is too good at faking. They are trying to be good lovers but rather than asking the real, live woman in front of them, they choose to do their research online. Most just don’t know what to do when a woman’s vagina closes like a slamming door, which is what happens if you have enough painful sex.

The solution? Time.

The treatment for established dyspareunia is essentially to stop having penetrative sex for a significant period of time. Like, months. This is an excellent test of a relationship and takes an investment of trust, dedication, time and love. It’s also an opportunity for everyone to get really good at oral sex. At least that’s how I frame it when the jaws drop in dismay. You could also circumnavigate each other’s naked bodies and map all the erogenous zones, or at get really good at mahjong.

Investing in your next 60 years of sex is worthwhile and, really, why would you even want to be with someone who didn’t like making you happy-moan? The best kind of guy will accept the challenge.

Vaginas are clever; they have long memories. When the signals for impending sex come in they remember the pain and close up shop, which obviously makes some things more painful. Resetting this response means the brain, nerves, vagina and vulva all need to forget that sex is like having your nails extracted while you have to keep smiling.

Gradual, calm, and enjoyable reintroduction of penetration by various methods is the key: her fingers, followed weeks after by his fingers under the guidance of her fingers. Lubrication is our friend, and should be purchased in bulk. The penis is last to be invited to the party, and sends a polite request for admission prior to his arrival.

Most of the time women complaining of painful sex do not have any physical abnormality, but it’s worth seeing a doctor to rule out some easily fixed culprits, particularly if you’ve previously had non-painful sex and now it’s painful. Pelvic physiotherapists can help with muscle retraining and relaxation. A psychologist can assist if anxiety is part of the issue.

I don’t like to use the word “should” but I’ll make this one exception.

Sex should be fun and funny. It should be good. You should be able to express your desires, because they are good desires.

It’s okay to want foreplay without penetrative sex. It’s okay to not be ready for penetration three seconds after someone throws you against a wall. It’s okay to pause and chat a while, to say you don’t want anal sex, or to call time on painful sex. It’s okay to turn genitalia into puppets and reenact Les Miserables if it helps you get comfy with each others’ parts. If arousal sometimes takes 45 minutes of him touching your ankle while you watch Tangled, then so be it.

For only once you’ve mastered the rules can you break them.

Dr Elizabeth Oliver is a Sydney GP. She tweets at @thatladydoctor.


Henry Sapiecha


Why I am cheating on my partner. These are some of their stories.

Here’s a sobering thought: every day an average of 15,500 new members sign up to adultery website Ashley Madison, according to a 2017 analysis it commissioned from accountancy giants Ernst & Young. And a recent poll conducted by Ashley Madison also revealed that while 61 per cent of its members worldwide were motivated by the idea of “satisfying sex”, 44 per cent cited “affection” as their main reason and 30 per cent were “chasing the feeling of butterflies”.

“I’m far more intoxicated with the hand-holding, the hugs, the long conversations and the eye contact.Photo: Stocksy

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Went from being a female prison officer to becoming a super hot sexy woman porn star

FACING off against global competition was not easy, admits Melburnian Isabelle Deltore. But winning Miss Nude World 2018 was just the confirmation she needed that a drastic career change had all been worth it.

She’s now a “nude glamour babe and webcam model”, but just a few years ago Ms Deltore had a very different profession as an officer locking up men at some of Australia’s toughest prisons.

Talking to on the sidelines of the recent Sexpo event in Sydney, where she was performing and selling merchandise, Ms Deltore said she left the prison service for porn because she was “being objectified” by the criminals.

Isabelle Deltore from Melbourne used to work in the Victorian prison system. Picture: Isabelle Deltore

Money wise, and in terms of self-esteem, she said she’s never looked back.

“I do pornography, but the technical term is ‘erotica’ because I only do solo and girl on girl but I don’t do boy girl stuff and it’s that which crosses it over to pornography. But the industry is so small so quite often we don’t differentiate between erotica and pornography.”

Rather than men looking at her – as they do now in their droves on stage and online – she was once the one keeping a beady eye on the blokes.

“I was a screw, an officer, in youth justice and I was in maximum security for five years. I was in the army reserves as well.”

But the grind of working in the prison system, and the office politics, wore down Ms Deltore.

Isabelle Deltore is a regular at Sexpo adult events. Picture: Isabelle Deltore

“I was very good at what I did but I was constantly fighting to move up the chain and I was never going to win,” she said.

“I was just sick of the violence, sick of the sexual innuendo; I was constantly being objectified and was like ‘why not make money out of (being objectified)’?

“I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do so I decided to be a secret stripper until I could get another job with my degree. But I just liked stripping too much.”

The vastly increased remuneration she received at famous strip club Spearmint Rhino also focused her mind.

“This is definitely more lucrative. I wasn’t on the (prison) roster, I’d done my last shift, and then I went into Spearmint Rhino and made what I would have made into two weeks in one night.

“At 4am, I sent the prison an email saying I resign. I was like, see you later.”

Ms Deltore has been the cover story of porn mags, has her own products such as calendars, and is a XXX webcam star. For a $100 you can even buy some one-on-one nude Skype time with her.

Ms Deltore from Melbourne won the Miss Nude World 2018. Picture: Isabelle Deltore

“With my current line of work everyone knows what’s on the table. Maybe me? Maybe not..!! If they want to buy a lap dance, well here are the boundaries, we’re exchanging money for it so it’s very out in the open.

“Previously I would complain if I had some officer or prisoner make a pass at me. Now I’m much happier and my self-esteem has increased.”

But being a prison officer has taught her a few lessons, she said, including managing her time and being disciplined. And she knows how to handle the frisky fingers of over excited punters.

“I was managing units of 20-40 inmates and staff so I know how to deal with people who are a little bit difficult, how to be assertive without being aggressive.

“And it’s the same dealing with blokes; you be honest and go this is the line. You will sometimes get an ‘ah but’ from one, but my response is ‘no I’m not dealing with your buts mate’.”

Erotic photography is a big change from locking up prisoners. Picture: Isabelle Deltore

That discipline and assertiveness has helped her nab the Miss Nude World crown twice now, once in 2015 and again this year.

“I don’t know when to stop working. I will set goals and I will do everything I can to achieve them to the detriment of everything else.


“When I wanted to win Miss Nude World I tried for months. I had to learn aerial hoop from scratch so one of my trainers was from Cirque du Soleil and it was 30 hours a week as well as dance classes, choreography and costume making. It almost cost me my relationship because I was overly focused.

“Miss Nude World is not just about doing the pole and taking your clothes off. You have to be an all-round show girl; you’re judged on if you have that pizzazz factor. I had some massive props including a two metre high horse that spun on a disc and spat water out of its nose,” she said.

“I’m not even joking; it’s for sale if anyone wants it.”

Ms Deltore performed one of her Miss Nude World shows at Sexpo in Sydney, the adult event that travels to Adelaide in August. She said she loved appearing on stage but her performances, some of which have a Mad Max theme, can be tiring.

“It can be so busy and everyone wants a piece of you, at times I can feel like a packet of Maccas chips in a car park with seagulls all over it. You’re like ‘please I just need a minute to myself’.”

In her downtime, she meditates, practices her archery skills and is looking forward to an addition to the family: “I have a Clydesdale horse and she’s in foal so we’re all waiting.”

What about kicking back with Netflix and having a chill? Ms Deltore laughed: “I usually Netflix and pass out because I’m so exhausted.”

Despite being in the erotic industry for five years now, once in a while she comes face-to-face with her previous career.

“I’ve had (sex) prisoners come see me and say they just can’t work out where they know me from,” she said.

“And once I had the general manager of a prison spot me when I was doing a pub show.

“He said to me, ‘you seem much happier now’ and I was like, ‘I feel much happier now’.”

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