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HERE are three questions I get asked all the time:

1. What has life been like since going public as an escort?

2. Can you help me be an escort?

3. Do you have sex all the time?

The answers are:

1. You are reading about it now.

2. I mentor women to become escorts but am getting tired of the dumb ones (and it’s only the dumb ones) pinching my ideas and abusing my kindness.

3. No.

Yep, the answer to number three is a big fat no. I DO NOT HAVE MUCH SEX. Since going public as an escort/journalist I reckon I have less sex now than ever before.

I know you won’t believe me, but it’s true. I had more sex as a journalist. I would estimate that a single mum in her forties – or any woman, really – who is on Tinder would have much more sex than me.

And that’s not because I am not working – I am – but because clients, especially new ones, treat me differently now. Without wanting to sound like a big-headed hooker (I think there are a few out there), when men book me now it is more out of curiosity than to relieve a twitchy c**k. It is more to do with meeting this ‘Samantha X’ and finding out what makes her tick (um, French Champagne and a fat envelope stuffed full of cash?).

High class escort Samantha X.Fabrizio Lipari

One word I hear daily from men is that I am “intriguing”.

I could be sitting next to a businessman on a flight to, oooooh, let’s say Melbourne, and after a brief chat he will say: “Wow, you are so intriguing.”

Or Sean my window cleaner will shake his head while laughing at my stories.

“You’re bloody joking! He didn’t say that, did he?” he’d say while wiping spiders’ webs from my sliding doors with a big, wet sloppy cloth. “I love your stories, Amanda. They’re so intriguing!”

I have clients who are writing books and want me to proofread them in my spare time (SPARE time!!). “I’m up to my fourth draft,” mumbled Andrew in between chewing his avocado toast over brunch the other day. “It’s only just over a hundred thousand words. I’ve emailed it to you, so when you get a chance, can you have a quick look for me?”

A quick 100,000 words? Sure, no problem …

Or dear Keith, who is writing his escorting memoirs and I rarely have time to help him (sorry, Keith!).

Or I’ll get an email from a client and it will read like this. In fact, it will read exactly like this as this is a real email (name changed, of course).

Dear Samantha,

I have to say I read your book on a flight to New York recently and felt compelled to write to

you. Your story is fascinating and I must say, I find you intriguing. I am from London originally,

but have been living in Sydney for over 20 years. I am a lawyer who has also lived in Hong Kong and New York. I confess that I have wanted to explore the possibility of seeing you for some time but I was a little nervous given you are … well, let’s be honest, now so well-known. But my intrigue has got the better of me. Would you happen to be free for dinner next Tuesday night?

Cash no issue.

Yours, Fraser.

Before coming out I used to get emails like this:

R U free? Can U wear black suspenders and do U swallow? Ben.

For the record, I did meet with Fraser and he was lovely. And in our four-hour meeting we had very pleasant sex once, for nine minutes, and that was right at the beginning. The rest of the time we talked. (And as for Ben: no, I don’t swallow and FK OFF.)

I find that these days men are more interested in talking to me than having sex with me. And you may find it hard to believe that I often find myself leaving appointments feeling sexually frustrated, sometimes cursing the fact I ever wrote that bloody book.

Instead of feeling refreshed, elated and relaxed after a marathon sex session with a nice man, I’d usually depart a hotel room feeling like I’d just done a Q and A and book-signing session.

Take a dear regular, Lee. He was young, with a big head of frizzy hair and a weakness for working girls, and he had been a client with my agency since the day we launched. He would always buy the girls a gift and the girls loved him.

“Such an easy guy, so lovely – the sex is great!” I always heard as feedback from my girls. He was a pleasure to deal with and he was always so polite to me.

“One day, I’ll pluck up the courage to see you, Samantha!”

“The big boss!” he kept texting.

And that day finally arrived. He was so nervous I thought he was going to pass out. I tried to kiss him but his lips were trembling so much.

“Sorry, Samantha,” he said, scratching his head. “I am really confused. I’ve never been with a celebrity before. I don’t know whether to feel horny or starstruck.”

I had to laugh. Is that how clients saw me: a celebrity? It was very sweet – if only my sex life didn’t have to suffer.

“Celebrities need sex too, Lee,” I said, climbing on top of his shaking body.

Samantha X is back seeing clients, but she doesn’t get booked for the same reasons she used to.

Or there was Cam, the truckie who booked me for an hour at his city hotel one December afternoon. I knew that when I clapped eyes on him standing by the lifts, I was going to have the best sex of my life. It had been ages since I’d had sex, and the sun was out, it was Christmas time, I was in a good mood …

Cam wasn’t attractive at all, but you’d know by now that attractiveness rarely matters. I can have the best sex with the most unattractive men – and it’s usually those kinds of men who make me orgasm.

Most escorts say the same thing: give us a man with a face only his mother could love and we will have great sex. Maybe we relax more? Maybe we actually like them as people more?

Maybe we feel more powerful, more in control? A good-looking client just makes me nervous. A good-looking client who is an arrogant dickhead is the worst kind of client; any girl will tell you that.

Anyway, Cam was bald and stocky with a moustache which had a bit of cheese in it (I think it was cheese). He was wearing a gold chain, a red checked shirt and these big, chunky workmen’s boots.

“G’day, Samantha!” He beamed, opening the lift doors and marching in before me. He lacked decorum, he was brash and rough around the edges.

Perfect. All the ingredients for a good bonk.

When we got to the tiny studio room I put my bag down and went to kiss him. “Well, hello, Cam! You’re in trouble today …” I whispered seductively into his hairy ear.

“Er, rightio!” he choked out, sounding petrified. “But before we get down to that, I suppose I’d better offer you a drink. Now, what do we have here … I don’t think there’s much …”

“Whatever you’ve got would be lovely,” I murmured patiently. A glass of bubbles wouldn’t hurt to get me in the mood – not that I needed it.

I watched as Cam plodded to the bathroom, fetched the plastic cup that his toothbrush had been in, filled it up with warm tap water and handed it to me, grinning.

“Here we go, love,” he said nervously, passing me the cup with shaking hands. “Water looks a bit cloudy, if you ask me, but I think that’s because it’s warm.”

“Oh, it’s fine,” I smiled, putting the cup down. Well, that was a first. But I wasn’t here for the drink …

“Now let me give you something …”

I unclipped the straps of my dress and let it fall to my feet sexily, standing there in all my glory, showing Cam my body that was aching to be devoured. Surely he was aching to devour me …

“Oh jeez, Samantha,” he stammered, looking away. “I don’t mean to be rude but …”

He reached out into his rucksack, fumbling around.

Jesus Christ – this was it: my first psychopath! He looked a bit like Ivan Milat, he drove trucks on dusty orange freeways … What was he getting – a gun, a knife …


My book.

A well-thumbed copy of Hooked that he held out to me with a proud expression on his face.

“I bought a copy of your book, love. Would you mind putting your clothes back on and signing it for me? I’ve been dying to meet you to find out how life has been for you since you did that show on TV … I have so many questions for you. I actually wrote some down here on this piece of paper. We saw you on Channel Seven – or was it Nine – my missus and me, and …”

I stared at his mouth moving and his eyes blinking excitedly. Remind me again why I wrote that bloody book?

High-class escort Samantha X pictured with her latest book ‘Back on Top — Confessions of a high-class escort’.

Henry Sapiecha


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‘Sex-for-free rent’ deal is legal woman reveals

Brighton woman reveals ‘sex-for-rent’ deal

Young, vulnerable people are being targeted by online classified adverts offering them accommodation in exchange for sex, a BBC investigation has found.

The deals are legal but campaigners have described them as exploiting the vulnerable and Hove MP Peter Kyle has said he wants to see the adverts banned.

One woman who needed somewhere to stay in Brighton described what happened when she took up a “sex-for-rent” deal. BBC Video report below shows.

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Let’s talk about sex’: Robot experts on the growing market for AI ‘sex tech’

A new report on the growing market for sex robots sheds light on the complex issues that need to be considered about the increasingly lifelike technology.

Move over blow-up dolls, the sex robots are here.

Artificial intelligence is making its way into the global sex market, bringing with it a revolution in robotic “sex tech” designed to offer sexual gratification with a near-human touch.

In a report on the growing market in sex robots, the Foundation for Responsible Robotics says rapidly advancing technologies have already led to the creation of “android love dolls” capable of performing 50 automated sexual positions.

They can be customised down to their shape and hair colour and can cost between $US5000 and $US15,000 ($A6566 to $A19,698).

The increasingly lifelike robots raise complex issues that should be considered by policymakers and the public, the report says, including whether use of such devices should be encouraged in sexual therapy clinics, for sex offenders or for people with disabilities.

Noel Sharkey, a professor of artificial intelligence and robotics at the University of Sheffield in Britain, says it is difficult to predict how far or fast the market will grow or what its effect on societies might be.

“Will these robotic dolls be niche? Or will they change societal norms and become widespread?,” he asked at a news briefing on Tuesday.

“How would (sex with a robot) equate to a truly human intimate relationship?”

The report looks at some of the most contentious issues, asking academics, members of the public and the sex industry for their views on whether, for example, sex robots might be helpful in reducing sexual crimes.

It found “major disagreement” on this question, with some arguing that having sex with a robot would reduce attackers’ desires to harm fellow humans, and others arguing that allowing people to live out their darkest fantasies with robots would have a pernicious effect on societal norms.

On the issue of “meaningful” relationships, the report says that with current AI technology, and even in the foreseeable future, no human-to-robot feelings will ever be mutual.

“The best robots could do is fake it,” it said.

“Robots cannot feel love.”

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Sex robots: wierd or practical in fight against sex trafficking?

In the hilly outskirts of sunny Barcelona, Spanish scientist Sergi Santos looks proudly over what appears to be five busty women in tiny shorts and tank tops perched around his living room.

But look a little closer and it is clear they are not women but silicone sex dolls with wigs and artificial brains that Santos believes will not only earn him money but may also be used to staff brothels and help combat sex trafficking.

“Hi Samantha,” Santos said, switching on one of his dolls.

“I’m here, what’s up?” the robot replied, its bright blue eyes staring into nothing as a cable plugged into its neck charges the computer processor in its “brain.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into the global sex market, bringing with it a revolution in robotic “sextech” designed to offer sexual gratification with a near-human touch

Roboticists like Santos and those from U.S.-based Abyss Creations are racing to become the first in the world to bring sex robots – which talk and respond to touch through AI technology – to the consumer market.

Sex robots at bigger companies like Abyss Creations will start from about $10,000 depending on added extras.

Experts say the increasingly life-like robots raise complex issues that should be considered by policymakers and the public – including whether use of such devices should be encouraged to curb prostitution and sex trafficking, for sex offenders, or for people with disabilities.

Robot Brothels

London-based AI researcher David Levy predicted in his 2007 book “Love and Sex with Robots” that humans would have sex, fall in love and even marry robots by 2050.

“I don’t see anything wrong in using a sex robot to provide sexual satisfaction to people who can’t achieve it in relationships with other humans. It’s much better for lonely and miserable people than no sex at all,” he said.

“Sex robots are just providing an alternative.”

As the technology advances, brothels in global cities will be staffed by robot prostitutes, says Levy, and like most consumer electronics, such as laptops and mobile phones, the cost of sex robots will drop – to the point where it will be cheaper than paying for a human prostitute.

He believes as the stigma of having sex with robots wears off, robotics could disrupt the sex trafficking industry.

“The advent of sex robots will probably reduce the popularity of having sex with a sex worker. And if it’s going to have that effect, it will also reduce sex trafficking,” Levy said in an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“I don’t see that anybody can possibly be harmed by people having sex with robots, so I think that the idea of a robot brothel should not only be legal it should probably be encouraged in order to reduce sex trafficking.”

Globally, nearly 46 million live as slaves, forced to work, sold for sex, trapped in debt bondage or born into servitude, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index by Australia-based rights group Walk Free Foundation.

Santos said owning a sex robot could lead to fewer people visiting prostitutes which would combat sex trafficking.

“Should you be trafficking humans? I think it’s obvious – no. So what we should do is stop that, and make people spend the money on the doll,” he said.

Power and Control

However ethicist and founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots Kathleen Richardson disagrees that sex robots will curb sex trafficking but says they will be another “option on the menu” alongside human prostitutes.

She said comparing prostitutes to robots was dehumanising and the sexual objectification of women through sex dolls was also problematic.

“I don’t think sex robots will reduce sex trafficking. It will just become another option on the menu for an already distorted and dehumanised commercial market,” said Richardson, an academic at De Montfort University who has been studying robotics for more than a decade.

“There’s something more insidious going on in sex trafficking about how you control and dominate another human being – and the pleasure you derive from rape.”

Richardson said sex dolls and robots could even be dangerous, used as proxies to act out fantasies like rape or pedophilia.

“Giving someone who wants to rape children and fantasises about that a doll with orifices that he can penetrate is . . . dangerous. It’s absolutely, extraordinarily irresponsible to promote that idea in wider society,” she said.

The Salvation Army in Britain, which supports survivors of sex trafficking, said it opposed the use of sex robots because it rewards people for exerting control over another.

“Trafficked people are being seen as a commodity and we don’t think that sex with a robot is going to reduce that,” said Kathy Taylor from the charity’s Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery unit.

“The reason some people purchase sex is because it can be a power dynamic in itself. And if you can buy a robot, does that not normalise this distorted power dynamic?”

But Santos, who aims to develop male robots as well, said sex robots had the potential to benefit society – from helping closeted lesbian, gay and bisexual people, to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and progressing AI technology.

“Technology is always like that: people are against it, people are for it. But eventually, if you develop technology in the right way, you’ll always have many benefits for people,” he said.

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20 of the weirdest sex laws arcross the Globe

SEX IS ONE OF THE PLACES where we’re at our weirdest. So it’s probably not too surprising that when people make laws about sex, the laws gets super weird. Half of the time, you’ll wonder, “What happened that made them think this was necessary to make a law against?” And the other half of the time, you’ll wonder, “What type of weird shit were these legislators thinking about when they passed these laws?” has put together this infographic breaking down 20 of the weirdest sex laws on the planet. Brace yourself. It’s gonna get weird

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Pizza shop romp duo face court after filmed having HOT sexy sauce with the pizza.

Viral Sexy Sauce Pizza Video online  brings food passions to another level

Daniella Hirst, 28 and Craig Smith, 31, were waiting for their stuffed crust takeaway in February when they allegedly carried out the public sex act

IT was the daring dalliance that brought new meaning to the menu offering 12-inch pepperoni stuffed crust.


Loved up duo Daniella Hirst and Craig Smith, who were caught going at it in the middle of a Domino’s store while waiting for their pizza order earlier this year, have finally faced court charged with outraging public decency.

Their public sex act took place in February at the global chain’s takeaway shop in Scarborough in North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

A 40-second clip of security vision of the gobsmacking moment quickly went viral, earning the couple infamy around the world.

According to The Sun newspaper, they were waiting for their 12-inch pepperoni pizza and a side of chicken kickers when the urge allegedly rose.

Their embracing of the new notoriety – posing for racy bedroom photo shoots and even agreeing to a photo shoot outside the Domino’s in question – as seen their unfortunate five minutes of fame extended.

But now the long arm of the law has caught up with Hirst, 28, and Smith, 31. They appeared in Scarborough Magistrates Court yesterday and incredibly pleased not guilty, so they’ve been ordered to stand trial in September.

Hirst, a barmaid, said it was her builder boyfriend’s idea and they’d engaged in various public intimate moments in the past.

“Our top five include a bus, a van, a hotel, swimming pool and a field. We wanted to see if we could top it,” Smith told The Sun.

Vision of Daniella Hirst, 28 and Craig Smith, 31, going at it went viral the following day.

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Domino’s is definitely now our number one – going to be hard to top it.”

Daniella Hirst, and Craig Smith have been charged and will stand trial in September.

Hirst said she was very “opened minded about sex celebrating Craig’s birthday when they got the train to Scarborough on that Saturday evening.

Daniella Hirst, and Craig Smith seen posing outside the Domino’s in question

“We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another,” the couple, seen posing outside the Domino’s in question, explained.News Group Newspapers

The pair, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, booked into a local pub but felt peckish so headed across the road to Domino’s.

“We laughed as we walked home. We’ve done it all over the place but never anywhere that risky – never with people that close before. We got back to the hotel and continued where we left off.”

Daniella Hirst and Craig Smith remain unrepentant and say everyone they know has sex in public.News Group Newspapers

The shocking footage shows Smith pulling down Hirst’s underpants while she bends over the counter, all in full view of staff and oblivious bystanders.

Understandably, the couple – who had been dating for three months prior to the pizza shop romp – copped a bit of flack from critics online.

In response, Hirst said: “Rule number one, never waste ya boyfriend’s b***r and always opt for stuffed crust.”

“To be fair, this is something of nothing. Everybody we know has had sex in risky places. It’s just one of them things that people do.

“Not everyone is locked in their bedrooms at the end of the day. People explore and we’re no different.

“Unfortunately for us it ended up on the internet. I guess you can’t please everyone – but at least Craig is happy.”

Henry Sapiecha


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Regular sex is good for the heart muscle – but only if you’re a male, scientists say

Frequent sex is good for the heart because it reduces the levels of a harmful chemical in the blood, scientists believe – but the effect is only seen in men.

Having sex several times a week can lead to better circulation and healthier blood vessels in men, which researchers say is crucial for preventing a build-up of the chemical homocysteine.

But scientists say women benefit much less because female sexual arousal is less dependent on having a healthy blood flow, which is a key factor in keeping homocysteine under control.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in Britain.

In Australia more people are killed by cancer each year but in 2015, the most recent year for which detailed data is available, heart disease was responsible for the deaths of 21,937 men and 23,455 women.

Doctors have long suspected that frequent sex can reduce the risks, but the latest findings, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, are the first to show it works by driving down homocysteine levels.

The chemical is a vital building block of proteins and occurs naturally in the body.

But excess levels, which can be caused by poor diet, are thought to damage blood vessels supplying the heart – raising the risk of a deadly clot forming.

Researchers from the National Defence Medical Centre in Taiwan tracked more than 2000 men and women, aged from 20 to 59.

They analysed blood samples to measure levels of homocysteine and matched the results up with volunteers’ sexual activity.

The results showed the lowest traces of the chemical were found in men claiming to have sex at least twice a week, while the highest readings were found in those restricted to less than once a month.

But in women there was no significant variation.

Researchers called on doctors to advise male patients at risk of heart disease to have more sex.

In a report on their findings they said: “This is the first study of its kind to evaluate the correlation between sexual frequency and homocysteine levels.

“A good quality sex life, frequent sex and libido are all related to health in the middle-aged and elderly.

“Increased sexual frequency could have a protective effect on general health and quality of life – especially in men – so doctors should support patients’ sexual activity.”

Dr Mike Knapton from the British Heart Foundation said the study produced an “interesting result” but did not prove regular sex reduced homocysteine levels.

He said: “A relationship does exist between sex and heart disease risk.

“Checking your blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as keeping active and not smoking, remain the best ways to ensure a healthy future.”

A major review of scientific data in 2015 found raised homocysteine levels increased the risk of death from heart disease by 66 per cent.

And last year experts at Boston University discovered the chances of a stroke jumped by almost a third in those with high readings.

It has also been linked with Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

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What escort work in Australia really looks like: Stories from those in the know

SBS Life spoke with two Australian escorts to get the real story about what it means to be an escort in 2017, and they each paint a very different picture.

Thematic warning: This article contains content of an adult nature and therefore its access should be restricted to person’s above age 18. 

Lulu Valentine*, a Sydney-based escort, describes her job as ‘girlfriend by the hour’.

“To put it simply, I am paid to provide sexual services to my clients,” Valentine tells SBS.

“However, in reality, what happens is – I am paid for my time, and it is up to those who are paying for it as to how they wish to spend it.

“Our job is to provide pleasure, which can be interpreted in a lot of different ways.”

“…sex work is not always luxurious, or exciting, or profitable.”

What some escorts do

Valentine explains that, unlike some people, she always had a realistic view of what ‘sex work’ entailed before starting out in the industry four years ago. She was never of the belief that sex work was sex-free: a fact and practice which she now thinks is sometimes misrepresented within certain parts the industry.

“My knowledge of sex work was limited to what I had watched, and read – which as, I have, come to find, are often gross misrepresentations of what the industry is actually like,” says Valentine.

“For the purposes of consumption, authors and screenwriters tend to glamourise, and, over indulge in different parts of the industry. For instance, when sex work is portrayed in media, it often smooths over the more arbitrary details of the job, which I think creates a different reality – sex work is not always luxurious, or exciting, or profitable.”

Social perceptions surrounding the world of escorting are, perhaps, fuelled by pop culture and media portrayals of the industry. The hugely popular Netflix series You, Me, Her is one of the latest in a long string of shows based around the work of escorting. Joining series such as The Girlfriend Experience, Secret Diary of a Callgirl, and Satisfaction; You, Me, Her takes on the escorting industry in broad strokes, eliminating much of the reality of the sex work involved. Sure, there’s plenty of sex in the show, but how much of it is the emotion-free type that sex workers are paid for? None.

The Canadian series focuses around the polyamorous relationship of married couple, Emma and Jack Trakarsky; and a 25-year-old college student and part-time escort, Izzy. Jack meets Izzy when he books her for a ‘job’. Instead of having a night of sex, they engage in hours of deep conversation. Sex, it seems from this show, is an optional part of the escort gig.

Man on bed next to red knickers

These men [who I see] are [often] fully aware that they are booking for and paying for sexual services…”

Claudia Cadine*, a Melbourne-based escort, says despite Hollywood notions of what escorts do, she’s never had any misconceptions about the nature of her work – it’s to have sex. Not fall in love.

Cadine tells SBS that, like Valentine, she also offers the ‘girlfriend experience’ involving a narrative that replicates a real life relationship. She goes on dates, goes to cocktails and attends events with her ‘boyfriend’ client. But, as she points out, this is almost always followed by the expectation of sex.

“A client’s end goal is usually sexual contact; some men prefer to use escorts for direct sexual exchanges (most want it to seem like the woman is enjoying it, or happy enough that she doesn’t hate herself because of her work), and some men prefer a more romantic interlude that seems like a real date,” explains Cadine.

“These men [who I see] are [often] fully aware that they are booking for and paying for sexual services,” she says, “but I suspect that the prelude enables them to think of what they are doing as being something different, or ‘better’.”

Official sex work: who’s doing it?

Given the transient and often secretive nature of the industry, there are no official statistics on the demographic of Australian sex workers.

However, Scarlet Alliance (the Australian Sex Workers Association) estimates there are roughly 20,000 sex workers at any given time in Australia.

“In terms of absolute numbers of people working in the sex industry, it is a difficult one to estimate as many people move in and out of sex work and others may move overseas,” CEO Jules Kim tells SBS.

“As an estimate – as that is really all you could hope for in determining numbers within sex work – you could say that there are roughly 20,000 sex workers at any given time in Australia.”

“I genuinely enjoy the company of my clients and the social interaction, the ability to work closely one-on-one with others,” says Cadine.

Despite popular representations of escorts being young, white, and female; Kim says that it is far more diversified across both ethnicity and gender.

“In terms of racial backgrounds, there is a broad diversity of people working in the sex industry,” says Kim. “Our research into migrant sex workers in Australia identified a large number of birth countries that sex workers came from.”

What do ‘they’ look like?

Valentine, who is of Middle Eastern and Asian descent, says popular notions of what an escort might look like are often whitewashed.

She explains that many women of non-Caucasian background who are involved in sex work are rarely portrayed with the same sense of glamour, or power, or prestige on television as Caucasian women. They are invariably portrayed as trapped, forced to work in the industry under duress. Sex slaves, not escorts in control of their own destinies.

“As a person of colour, I can probably say that I think most roles, especially ones of power, are portrayed in film and television, by cis-gendered, Caucasian people – this is not specific to sex work,” says Valentine.

“Perhaps in the past, the white, cis-gendered, educated woman was the most desirable person to represent the industry, because it would be easier for the public to digest this as a figurehead for sex workers. If you think about it, historically, the representation of ethnic, or non-cisgendered within the industry tended to be the oppressed stereotypes – the trafficked woman from Asia or Eastern Europe; the African-American woman who is enslaved by a pimp, or the queer survivalist ‘prostitute’.”

“As a person of colour working in the sex industry in Australia, I would have to say that my experiences are quite privileged.”

On the contrary, Valentine says that her experience has been one of safety and respect – conditions that not all sex workers have access to.

“As a person of colour working in the sex industry in Australia, I would have to say that my experiences are quite privileged – I am still subject to the occasional client with a desire to fetishise me based on my heritage, and the occasional racist remark.

“But I think also because of my good command of English, and my having been brought up to be no different culturally than my Caucasian counterparts, I am not subject to the same experiences as other ethnically diverse workers without these luxuries.”

How they do what they do

Despite the misconceptions surrounding the escorting world, Cadine says that after a longstanding career in the industry, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I genuinely enjoy the company of my clients and the social interaction, the ability to work closely one-on-one with others,” says Cadine.

“The freedom, flexibility and the security of choosing my own hours is appealing to me, as is earning a higher income without spending hours per week in the office. I would be lying if I said that the financial side was not a large aspect in the benefits on the work. I would not work as a sex worker for free, but then, the majority of people would never work for free.”

“Go to the main mall in your city. Turn and look behind you and think – you have to have sex with this man. Always my first tip.”

Cadine advises women considering escort work to come to grips with the reality of the profession before signing up.

“Go to the main mall in your city. Turn and look behind you and think – you have to have sex with this man. Always my first tip,” says Cadine.

Rather than prescribing to the ‘cleaned up’ version of escorting being touted on mainstream television, women should be sure to make their own decision regarding the work.

Some women might really enjoy the job and it may even exceed their expectations. This is not about judgement, right or wrong but ensuring Hollywood myths don’t override your own day-to-day on the job experience.

“I’ve seen this unfortunate trend where girls thinking that it’s fashionable or some really cool gig where they will just sleep with silver foxes with big bank accounts.

“They chuck on some L’Agent lingerie, start an Instagram get cupcakes at fancy hotels with their other sex worker friends, and essentially love a lifestyle where they tag photos at the Grand Hyatt drinking an overpriced cocktail with a view…They are attracted to a fantasy.”

*Not their real names. 

Want to explore the world of escorting? Watch Payday on Viceland, Thursday 20 July at 9pm. The episode will be available to watch on SBS On Demand after broadcast. Payday is a new series airing on Viceland every Thursday at 9pm, debuting on 15 June.

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Roxy founder reveals her life as a Saudi billionaire’s pleasure wife

BILLIONAIRE Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi is best known for his roles in some of the most infamous political scandals of the 1980s.

They include the Iran-Contra affair (he was a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange) and accusations that he concealed funds alongside Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos. Khashoggi was acquitted on federal charges of obstruction of justice and mail fraud after more serious charges of racketeering and conspiracy were dropped.

But the 81-year-old, who now lives in Monaco, was also a womaniser with multiple wives and a bevy of beautiful girls at his beck and call. Among them was young American model Jill Dodd. Ahead of the June 6 publication of her memoir, The Currency of Love: A Courageous Journey to Finding the Love Within, Dodd — now 57 and a fashion designer — shares her story of sex, drugs and life as a member of Khashoggi’s harem.

SITTING on the bed in our Middle Eastern kaftans, I knew it was only a matter of time before one of us leaned in for a kiss. After all, we’d been dancing around each other for more than a month.

But Adnan, who had just watched me in the nude, taking a bubble bath, held my face in his hands.

“We can’t kiss until I tell you the situation,” he said. “I want you to be one of my pleasure wives. By Saudi Arabian law, I’m allowed to have 11 pleasure wives and three legal wives.

“I won’t kiss you until you agree to this contract.”

“Yes,” I say and we seal the agreement as our lips meet. In that moment, I become a member of Adnan’s harem, taking turns with other women to have sex with the man I love.

It was fashion modelling that allowed me to mingle with movers and shakers like Adnan. I’d grown up middle-class — my dad a fireman, my mum a secretary — in Downey, California, near downtown Los Angeles.

In 1976, when I was 17 years old and 5-foot-9, I answered an ad in the LA Times for a fit model. Before long, I was modelling swimsuits for magazines and catalogues. I joined a not-so-good local agency but then got lucky and signed with the prestigious Wilhelmina Models when I was 20.

The agency dispatched me to Paris, even though I didn’t have the signature 80s look of big blonde hair and perfect teeth. I was a size 6 and curvier than most models of the time.

The Currency of Love: A courageous journey to finding the love within. Book by Jill Dodd. Picture: Simon and Schuster

Nevertheless, I started getting high-profile jobs. I was on the cover of Olympe magazine in France and made it into the French editions of Vogue and Marie Claire.

Then, in August 1980, I accompanied my booker, Pepper­*, on a weekend jaunt to Monte Carlo and one of her friends invited us to a party in Cannes. The venue was Le Pirate, where long-haired, shirtless waiters strummed guitars and banged tambourines. A crackling bonfire, 20 feet high, lit up the night sky. A “pirate” handed me a glass of Champagne, which I swigged before throwing the glass into the fire, just like all the other guests. It was so wild and decadent.

That’s when I noticed a man smiling and watching me. He reminded me of my friend’s dad. He brought over a chair and sat down. His short stature, round tummy and balding head made me glad he wasn’t a younger guy who was obviously trying to sleep with me.

Adnan Khashoggi is a well known arms dealer and Saudi Arabian billionaire.

It was too loud to talk so he pulled me up to dance. The pirates circled us and the guests clapped with the music. Suddenly, my dance partner stopped, grabbed a chair and threw it into the fire. I hurled one in too. We laughed and slammed together like two magnets, whirling around before the flames.

Next, the man and one of the pirates grabbed my hands and feet, scooped me up and swung me back and forth like a rag doll, my hair trailing in the dust. I totally surrendered to the spirit, euphoric with freedom.

Giddy and out of breath, I finally sat down. My new friend gazed into my eyes as he tenderly pushed up my sleeves and used his fingertips to write “I love you” in red on my forearm. It took me a minute to realise it was in blood. Accidentally or not, he had cut himself with a piece of glass.

I was stunned but I liked it. It was as if we had made some secret pact. A pirate saw the blood and whisked off the man for a bandage. I just kept looking at the message on my arm.

Pepper rushed over. “Oh my God, Jill. Do you know who that was?” Her words pulled me out of my dreamlike state. “It’s Adnan Khashoggi!” The name meant nothing to me; it was only later that I learned he was a wealthy entrepreneur and one of the most well-known men from Saudi Arabia.

The following day, I got a phone call from an acquaintance of Adnan’s. “Jill, you’re invited to Adnan’s yacht for dinner tonight. He really wants to see you,” the man said. I’d seen the boat from the shore the previous evening, all lit up and the size of the Queen Mary. I wanted to go, but I was also nervous.

“I’ll go if you come with me,” I told Pepper.

We boarded the 280-foot yacht, named Nabila after Adnan’s daughter. In 1983, it was used in the James Bond film “Never Say Never Again” and was later bought by the Sultan of Brunei; eventually, it would be owned by Donald Trump who sold it for $US20 million to pay off bankruptcy debts in 1991.

Jill Dodd has opened up about life as a Saudi billionaire’s pleasure wife. Picture: Stella Dodd/Simon and Schuster

Adnan was there to greet us. “Girls, let me take you to dress for dinner,” he said, leading us to a room lined with closets full of couture gowns. I couldn’t believe my eyes — Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and Chanel. I chose a delicate grey Lanvin dress with a tight bodice and spaghetti straps. A pair of metallic silver shoes completed the look.

At dinner, I realised I’d never met such an intelligent, worldly and amusing man as Adnan, a 44-year-old father of five. Yes, he had incredible wealth, but he also had a peaceful kind of strength. Slowly, I was falling for his charms. With heels on, I was seven or eight inches taller than him, something which would intimidate most men. But not Adnan.

We did not kiss that night, instead talking until 5am. Adnan quizzed me about my non-existent romantic life and explained how he made his fortune exporting American-made vehicles to Saudi Arabia. He told me that the party at Le Pirate had cost him $25,000 — they send you a bill based on the destruction you caused — and that it cost around $400,000 per month to keep the yacht.

A few days later, when we were both back in Paris, Adnan invited me for lunch at his mansion. For the first time, he talked about his divorce from his ex-wife, Soraya. I later found out that he already had a second wife, Lamia, who I would meet in the beginning of 1981. Not surprisingly, given my romantic relationship with her husband by then, she seemed stand-offish. That summer, when I attended the birthday party for their one-year-old son, she was equally cold.

Over the next few weeks, Adnan wined and dined me — always allowing me to pick out a couture outfit from his collection — but there were other girls in the picture. Some of them looked so young, they could have been assumed to be high schoolers.

It was in late September 1980 at Adnan’s expansive estate near Marbella, Spain — where Adnan had me and a girl named Sabine (who I later found out was another of his love interests) flown in on his private DC-9 jet — that the “contract” was agreed upon. I’d been there for one week horseriding before he arrived from his travels. I was awoken in the middle of the night by Adnan, who then drew me a bath and sat on a stool next to the tub. We had another deep conversation and, after snorting cocaine, he questioned how and when I’d lost my virginity.

After I agreed to be his “pleasure wife,” we had sex. Even though he was 24 years older than me, he was an extraordinary lover.

As the months went by, I just wanted to be with Adnan and didn’t care about the details. He was my boyfriend. Even though there were other women around, I didn’t know who was a fellow pleasure wife, a casual lover or a flirtatious friend. There was no real relationship between us females.

Adnan Khashoggi, arms dealer and Saudi Arabian billionaire, was allowed 11 pleasure wives.

When we visited Adnan’s compound in Kenya, there was just one other pleasure wife on the trip. Sometimes, however, there were larger groups of women — between five and eight on any occasion. We seldom mixed but when we did, usually at business dinners, there was an undercurrent of rivalry. As long as I sensed I was Adnan’s favourite and was placed opposite him at dinner, I couldn’t help feeling superior.

I also felt independent because I continued to pursue my modelling career — a job that Adnan disapproved of, but couldn’t stop me from doing. It wasn’t long before I decided to move back to Los Angeles, so the place I visited Adnan most was his villa in Las Vegas. As my true passion was fashion design, in March 1981 I enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, with Adnan paying my tuition.

When it came to his business, I was completely ignorant. I knew he met with world leaders like Ronald Reagan. He sometimes talked about aircraft deals with Saudi Arabia but, as a 21-year-old child, I wasn’t interested.

But things started to turn sour. I’ll never forget in August 1981 when Adnan came into my suite at midnight, set a box on the bedside table and kissed my forehead. I woke up and turned toward him. When he saw my face, he whispered: “Oh, I have the wrong room. Sorry, go back to sleep. Keep the gift.” Before I could respond, he was gone. My heart dropped. He had thought I was another girl.

There was no joy opening the gift meant for someone else. Inside was an 18-karat solid gold necklace. I pictured Adnan and the other girl making love and physically ached. Doubt started to sink in and I wondered if I could handle the harem any longer.

Another time, I declined a 20-carat diamond ring, which felt too opulent. Later, Adnan gave it to his house manager. I thought: “Maybe that ring didn’t mean much to him.”

By the beginning of 1982, I noticed a change in the type of girls who showed up at the dinners. They were less sophisticated models from Hollywood agencies. Not at all like the stunning female doctor, also a pleasure wife, whom he had put through medical school while also funding my design courses.

Adnan Khashoggi enjoyed opulent parties, and invited Jill into his inner circle.

I felt increasingly weird about it all. I worried about AIDS, as we all did at the time. I didn’t really know who else Adnan was sleeping with and it terrified me. Another driving force was my need to be independent. I felt that accepting large gifts might mean I owed Adnan, rather than it just being a simple romance.

Our relationship ended in the summer of 1982, although there was no written contract to rip up. It was an amicable split and we kept in touch by telephone for years. In 1989, I founded the surfing and snowboarding inspired clothing line Roxy and became a successful business owner.

I continued to have an affection for Adnan. I missed him and thought about him all the time. The last occasion we spoke was over the phone in 1988 when I was a single mother after my first divorce. He offered to send a plane to pick me up in California and fly me to the King of Morocco’s Palace in Monaco, where he was staying. I didn’t go because I had a jealous boyfriend. That’s my biggest regret. I should have gone, even just to say thank you for my education.

Now I’m the proud mother of a 32-year-old son and two daughters, aged 22 and 17, and live in Marin County, California, with my third husband, Jeff. We’ve been married 18 years.

When I was in my 20s, I had a sense of shame about being with Adnan. I learned that, when you’re with someone with multiple wives, people assume you’re a hooker. But I never forfeited my independence, ambition or creative expression when I was with Adnan and have no regrets.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson: Neither money nor love are worth the sacrifice of integrity, inner peace and authenticity.

*Some names have been changed.*

This story originally appeared in the New York Post and is republished with permission

Henry Sapiecha

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Student testifies about threesome with his teachers

A former student who allegedly had a threesome with two high school teachers in Louisiana testified in court on Tuesday about the steamy romp – and admitted secretly recording one of the women sleeping after sex as “proof” to show to his fellow football players.

The unidentified student, now 19, detailed the relationship he had with former Destrehan High School teacher Shelly Dufresne, 34, that began when he was a 16-year-old student in her English class. The month-long affair began with a Facebook message from Dufresne after the teen was out sick one day in August 2014, he testified, and quickly progressed to the student and teacher kissing in a classroom within days.

“Later on that night was the first time that Shelly and I had intercourse,” the teen told Judge Danyelle Taylor of the 24th Judicial District Court on Tuesday as Dufresne’s trial began. She has pleaded not guilty to two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, the Times-Picayune reports.

If convicted, Dufresne faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The night of their first tryst began, the teen said, when Dufresne picked up the teen from his home in the New Orleans suburb of Destrehan after a football scrimmage. He testified that the teacher then drove to an isolated location behind a daiquiri shop, where they had sex.

Prosecutors say Dufresne coordinated the trysts using a fake Facebook profile under the name “Madison Mexicano,” complete with an image of the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez as the profile image. The cover photo also included the phrase, “I love Mexican boys,” a reference to the teen, prosecutor Rachel Africk said. The teen later testified Tuesday that he didn’t appreciate that reference, however, since he is half-Colombian and half-Caucasian.

The teen provided the court with a list of the places where he met Dufresne to have sex, including at her house in Montz, inside her Honda Pilot SUV in multiple parking lots – and in a shed at a friend’s house. The torrid romps culminated, the teen testified, with a threesome with another former Destrehan High School English teacher, 26-year-old Rachel Respess, at her apartment in Kenner.

“All three of us were in bed together,” the teen told the court. “We all started having sex.”

The teen also said he recorded video of Respess while she slept after the threesome and admitted to the court that his genitals could be seen in the footage.

“It was kind of like proof,” he testified, adding that he showed the video to some teammates on the high school football team. “I told them about it, but they didn’t believe me.”

School officials eventually learned of the threesome after rumors spread throughout the school and contacted authorities in late September. Dufresne and Respess – whose trial date has not been set for allegedly failing to report the commission of several felonies – were arrested in October 2014, the Times-Picayune reports.

Defense attorneys, meanwhile, accused the teen of committing a crime himself by recording himself touching Respess as she slept and later showing that video to his teammates. They also accused the teen of not being truthful about his relationship with Dufresne, questioning the exact date that their sexual relationship began and arguing that the dates and locations provided by authorities were incorrect.

Defense attorney Kim McElwee claimed that the alleged threesome didn’t even occur because the teen told authorities he “couldn’t get an erection,” a claim the teen denied while on the stand, the newspaper reports.

Investigators were unable to recover the alleged video of Respess sleeping because the teen admitted deleting it, as well as other photos and text messages. He did so, according to McElwee, because he knew what he did was illegal.

“You know it’s a crime to video someone without their permission?” she asked.

Earlier Tuesday, McElwee suggested that the teen threatened to expose their relationship after she corrected him in class one day.

“At any moment, I can expose this, and you can go to jail, and you’ll lose your life as you know it,” McElwee claimed the teen threatened.

And the lewd video of Respess, according to McElwee, was an act of revenge for a problem he had in her class a year earlier.

“He told the cop he got payback,” McElwee said of the teen, later telling the court he had not faced any consequences for his actions.

Prosecutors rested their case late Tuesday and Dufresne’s trial is expected to wrap up on Wednesday, the New Orleans Advocate reports. Dufresne has already pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of obscenity in St. Charles Parish, where she and the teen lived.